Principal’s Lunch – 2011

On 14th May 2011 we had a Members’ Lunch in the distinguished Dining Hall of Exeter College, Oxford attended by the Principal and Vice Chancellor, Professor Anton Muscatelli. The Principal spoke warmly of OSGUG’s achievements which mark it as one of the University’s leading alumni groups. He expressed his personal appreciation and the gratitude of the University for the immense generosity shown by the Society and its members with aggregate donations of £90,000 as we neared our target of £10,000 for the 2011 Appeal on behalf of the Chancellor’s Fund.

The Principal also spoke of his vision for the future of Glasgow University. It already enjoys a world class reputation for first class teaching and research but ever increasing global competition demands a constant commitment to improve so that its reputation and success is maintained. This will be achieved through an increased number of international collaborative ventures. By improving the overall student experience, the University will be better placed to attract high achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students, teaching and research staff.

Press on the following links for photographs of the visit:

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