The Oxford Society of Glasgow University Graduates (OSGUG) was founded in 1990 to enable alumni and former staff of the University to establish and maintain social contact with one another while taking an interest in and promoting the academic pursuits and aspirations of their Alma Mater.

The Society brought together a number of eminent academics working in the University of Oxford, distinguished research scientists at Harwell, doctors, teachers, business professionals and military service personnel. Membership grew quickly, demonstrating that unique sense of identity and pride in our long association with the city and the University of Glasgow. Students traditionally forge strong and enduring friendships during their undergraduate years but OSGUG has enabled many new and warm personal ties to be established in the two decades since it was set up.

We share a pride in our academic and career achievements but also gratitude to the University which strives for ever higher standards in education and research. Our members’ individual and collective commitment to the University and to its current and future students shines through in the level of donations given to The University of Glasgow Trust which now exceeds £100,000. OSGUG is listed as a Major Donor on the University’s Online Benefactor Wall in recognition of the support it has provided to specific and general projects.

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